Welcome to the Johann-Beckmann-Gymnasium.

mobile learning

We have been working with computers and online ressources since 2006, for example we are using our school server as basic working and organizational means for more flexible and individual teaching and learning. In the meantime, we work regularly with almost one thousand notebooks in our school network and in each classroom, learners as well as teachers use interactive panels and wifi. Our experience qualifies makes us one of the reference school for mobile learning in our region Lower Saxony.
Thus, the JBG is part of the "Niedersächsische Bildungscloud", a new project in Lower Saxony that is meant to connect students and teachers in the whole region. Here, media-assisted teaching and learning arrangements will also be used to develop cooperative learning independent of time and place.

High School Graduation for students with Advanced Secondary Education qualifications

The Johann-Beckmann-Gymnasium has proven in recent years as a particularly good address for many students who had reached the Advanced Secondary Education qualifications. The special and intensive support concept, the dedicated work of experienced teachers and the joint teaching of these pupils in special classes are essential for their success.
The JBG was chosen as one of 22 high schools and KGS schools for high school graduation 2020 due to its many years of experience with the promotion of real school graduates. In addition to general schools and the vocational secondary schools, these students are to prepare for the Abitur from summer 2017.