Since 2009, the canteen has been operated by the restaurant “Lindenhof”.

In our canteen, you have a huge choice of dishes, snacks, beverages and salads; there is something for everyone’s taste. From Monday to Friday, you can buy a meal voucher for a warm meal one week ahead for 2,90 euro. If you buy your meal voucher later, the price can go up to 3,90 euro. Every meal is delivered freshly by the “Lindenhof”, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

There is the possibility to buy a salad dish with a bun at the salad bar at lunch time. Starting at 9AM, you can buy a coffee or something like a cappuccino, a hot chocolate, a cup of tea, a sandwich, a pretzel or a croissant. And from the second break on, you can buy sweet snacks, like muffins and donuts.

The atmosphere in the canteen offers a pleasant break in school life.

Since 2010, the Johann-Beckmann-Gymnasium is an open full-time day school. This means that students have the opportunity to enter a voluntary school club on one or up to four afternoons.

At the beginning of each school term, the clubs are published on the server to be chosen via Internet.