Here are some facts about our school history taken in part from an article from the former headmaster Lothar Grieshammer publishes in 1984 in the local newspaper “Die Kreiszeitung”.

In a facsimile print of the year 1901, there is only little information about education in Hoya. At that time, the record shows only one school with three classes. Before that, education was an even more private matter of the parents, as the biography of Johann Beckmann shows, the scientist after whom our school is named and who was born here in 1739. His mother taught him and his siblings in the elementary subjects. Later,he went to a small public Latin school in Hoya and was afterwards sent all the way to Stade where he could visit a grammar school.

In 1914, there was one main school – a middle school - in Hoya in which Latin, French and Greek were taught beside the usual subjects. However, in the years 1933 to 1945, the ranges of foreign language here were limited to English and French.

After the Second World War, the school system developed much faster and a huge range of subjects are included in German education. Hoya now had a primary school, an agricultural school and a middle school.

This changed only in 1971 when the middle school was enlarged by a grammar school section, offering, for example, Latin and French lessons.