In 2004/05, the 5th grade started the first class to develop an orchestra. Since then, every year, a considerable amount of children sign up for this class as it is easier to learn an instrument in a group. Besides, the cohesion in these classes is always amazing. In particular, the students enjoy the performances and excursions. For the orchestra class, you can only sign up in 5th grade for two years. After that, you can continue in the school orchestra. Apart from the music lessons, the rest of the subjects are just the same as in the other classes.

If you take part in the school orchestra, numerous performances are on the agenda. For instance, the performances at the summer concert or while supporting the drama club. The students always get a lot of praise for their work.

If you are interested, you can ask the head of the music department Ulrich Füller for more information. Registration forms for the school orchestra class are available in the secretary’s office or in a bundle with the registration form for the JBG at the elementary schools.